Kate Neylon is a painter and jewelry designer/creator. A native of the Lambertville, NJ area, her interest in the arts began at an early age. As a small girl, she would draw portraits of family members, friends, and sometimes customers and staff members at her father's car dealership. Early in her education, her only concern was gaining access to the easel during free time. As Kate grew a bit older, she often dedicated extra time and care to create illustrations to complement writing assignments and reports. Throughout her formative years, Kate always turned to art as a means of communication where other forms seemed to her to fall short. This was also apparent in her passion for dance which began at the age of two and continued throughout her teenaged years. In secondary school, she decided to pursue art instead of her previously chosen more classically academic path. She remained in the Lambertville/New Hope area, attended community college while working full time, and continued to nurture her love of painting as well as all other art forms. As an adult, she has always found it to be imperative that she maintain a creative outlet in her life.

Kate Neylon is inspired by all things that speak to the soul. As a painter, her vision speaks to a perspective of the "big picture" as it can be spelled out through simple details. Her themes concern the mysteries of life, cycles and patterns in nature, the state of humanity as an undeniably connected whole, and the ever-expanding universe encompassing it all. Kate's goal is to explore these themes while retaining and expressing an almost childlike admiration. Her love of dance is apparent through the sense of movement in all of her works. Kate's contemplative whimsical imagery is underscored by an experienced, educated, developed and nurtured sense of awe.

Kate's primary concern is with the emotional aspect and impact of her work. The viewer response is as equally important to her as the joy she experiences while creating . Her works tend to be saturated in color, full of movement and riddled with symbolism. Kate often likes to play with both color and perspective simultaneously resulting in richly detailed works.

All jewelry is inspired by the notion of self-adornment as an evolutionary trait exclusive to humans. "It is our joy and responsibility to accessorize!"

After exploring metalsmithing, Kate decided to create pieces using only cold-connection techniques to avoid both tedium and chemical exposure. She enjoys using various new, antique, and classic vintage materials. Kate's sense of social and environmental responsibility inspires her to create anew out of what already has been. She employs an eclecticism in an attempt to showcase through her pieces the extensive and varied history of design, craft and industry across the globe, and throughout the ages. Her line "One Pair" features one-of-a-kind pairs of earrings made from various materials from all over the world. She has an extensive collection of components and takes great joy in bringing elements of varied cultures together in one piece. These include, but are not limited to: fine sterling beads, antique and vintage brass beads, Swarovski crystal, pressed glass, carved stones, enameled beads, antique clay beads, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, buttons, wood, seeds, assorted chains and other various recycled and re-purposed elements. Kate feels that we are all beautifully unique individuals and should adorn ourselves accordingly.

Kate Neylon accepts commissions for both paintings and custom jewelry pieces. Contact via email: [email protected].