Kate Neylon is a painter and jewelry designer. She accepts commissions. She is open to trade or barter.

As a painter, her focus is on perspective of the "big picture" as it can be spelled out through simple details. Her themes concern the mysteries of life, cycles in nature, the state of society as a whole and the ever-expanding universe encompassing it all. Her goal is to explore these themes while retaining and expressing a childlike admiration underscored by an experienced, educated, developed and nurtured sense of awe.
Primarily self-taught, although supplementarily trained, Kate's concern is with the emotional aspect and impact of her work, rather than the technical execution. The viewer response is equally as important to her as the joy she experiences creating . Her works tend to be very colorful, full of movement and riddled with symbolism. As a side project, she has been creating "interpretive portraits" in a quaint folk art style. These have mostly been wedding commissions of couples as their favorite animals. She views this as a much less intense way to express her most favorite theme.

All jewelry is inspired by the notion of self-adornment as an evolutionary trait exclusive to humans. "It is our joy and responsibility to accessorize!"
After exploring metalsmithing, she decided to create pieces using cold-connection techniques to avoid tedium and chemical exposure. She enjoys utilizing classic vintage materials that demonstrate the extensive and varied history of craft and industry across the globe and throughout the ages. These include, but are not limited to: fine sterling beads, antique and vintage brass beads, Swarovski crystal, pressed glass, carved stones, enameled beads, antique clay beads, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, buttons, wood, seeds, assorted chains and other various recycled and re-purposed elements.